Why I love my Prince Charming


Because when I squeeze a pimple on my face and it’s all red and raised, he looks at me and says “is that an itchy bite?”

Because I am OCD and always put stuff away and he can never find his pants.

Because he blindly trusts me to give him any vitamin/mineral/medicine/cream I deem necessary.

Because when I am with him, I am exactly the same person as I am with anyone else. I am me.

Because when I walk into a room, even if it’s a thousand times in one day, and he looks at me, his eyes light up and I can see that he loves me.

Because he loves me so much more than he wants to or actually realises, ha ha!

Because sometimes when he has a bad dream in the middle of the night he reaches out for me.

Because he puts thought into everything he does for me and is forever trying to please me and make me happy. And when I squeal with delight at something he gave me/did for me, he says “FINALLY, I got it right!”

Because when I have a problem or an issue to deal with or I’m not sure about something, I ask him. And we may not always agree and we may have heated discussions even though sometimes I just need him to listen but he gives me a new perspective on things and he helps me.

Because he respects himself, he respects me and he respects us.

Because he is the best father our children could ever have.

Because he supports my growth; even though sometimes he thinks I’m a bit whacky he never judges me, he helps me find my own way.

Because he couldn’t care less if there are dirty dishes everywhere and if I’ve done the laundry. The man just needs to know where I have put his pants.

Because he will make an effort to eat whatever successful or unsuccessful creation I have put in front of him and he will always say “thank you”. And if it’s really bad he will try really hard to avoid answering my question of “how is it?”/”do you like it?”

Because when he gets out of bed and I’m still asleep he pulls the covers over me to make sure I am not cold.

Because, unlike myself, he is a really really amazing cook and eating the food he prepares makes me happy.

Because he chose to love me.

Because he is my best friend.

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That is beautiful Ana.


Lovely <3 It is a good thing to have a great husband.


This is beautiful. What a lovely relationship you must have – one of equals. Yay!

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