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Let me tell you about my teeth.

I have always had “bad” teeth. I remember as a child, having to make weekly visits to the dentist so that she could “fix” my teeth. This mainly involved fillings and drilling. Back then, there were no pain relieving injections or numbing spray. You just had to bear it. You couldn’t even grin and bear it, just bear it and try really hard not to scream and cry.

This was of course, “despite” the fact that I was being fed the little white fluoride pills on a regular basis.

They say that the health of your teeth is a genetic thing. Sure made sense to me. Neither of my parents had very good teeth, and my grandparents had full dentures in their fifties.

So the battle continued into my adult life and it became increasingly more expensive. My mouth was so sensitive that it hurt to eat or brush my teeth. And I had tried everything that there was to try.

Then, about ten years ago, Modere Toothpaste came into my life. To be honest, my expectations weren’t very high because as I said, I had already tried everything.

Not only has the general health of my mouth improved, the sensitivity has gone as well. I am reminded of this at times when I don’t have the toothpaste. Generally happens if I forget to pack it for a trip or I just run out and am too slow in getting more. What happens is that the sensitivity returns and it hurts to eat again. Now, I always have at least four spare tubes in the cupboard.

But the joy that is this toothpaste does not end there. Oh, no.

Because it is super super safe you can let your kids use it. From the time they get their first tooth. You see, it does not matter if they swallow it, because it contains NO fluoride or anything harmful. Unlike other toothpastes, where you have to take your child to the emergency room for a good old stomach pump if they get hold of a tube and go to town with it.

As a result, my 11 year old has one filling. My 6 year old has perfect teeth as do my two 2 year olds. Looks like I might have just disproved the “bad teeth due to genetics” theory, lol!

Anyway. If you are in Australia or New Zealand, and you want to have a look at it, click here.

If you are in the USA, click here. If you are anywhere else, please send me an email and I will see what I can do to help.

Leaving you with this picture of my adventurous twins who climbed on top of the bathroom bench and ate half of the big tube of the Modere Toothpaste. I guess they love it too, ha ha!

Eating toothpaste

Eating toothpaste

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