Tips when buying products and food

This will be a relatively short blog. I just wanted to share with you some tips to keep in mind when you are next shopping or looking at a product.

1. Beware of “greenwashing”. This is a pet hate of mine. There are companies out there which will refer to their product as “organic” or “natural” even if they only contain a few organic and/or natural ingredients. For a product to be “organic”, it needs to have a little logo saying “certified organic” meaning that it is 100% made up of organic ingredients. It is not an easy feat obtaining the organic certification. I am NOT saying that products which aren’t organic or which only contain a couple of organic ingredients are bad, or anything remotely like that. All I am saying is beware of misrepresentation.

Same goes for “natural”. And also keep in mind that just because an ingredient is listed by it’s “official name” (e.g. Citrus Aurantium Amara), rather than what you know it as (orange oil), there is nothing wrong with that.

2. Volume of ingredients. On the ingredients lists, the ingredients have to be listed in order of volume. So for example, if your moisturiser has “water” as the first listed ingredient that means that water is the ingredient there is most of. Also, handy when looking at things like chocolate spreads. If the first ingredient is sugar, than the ingredient that there is most of, is sugar 🙂

3. When looking at things like skin care and even hair care etc, it is important to keep in mind that the whole “range” is most likely been developed to work together. So if you have found a moisturiser you like, team it up with a cleanser and toner from the same range to get results. If you mix and match brands with things like this, you will probably not get an optimal outcome from any of the products.

4. “Free”. Sugar free, fat free, preservative free, colour free etc etc etc . If a product is advertising any of these things, there is about an 80% chance that there is something in it to replace whatever it is “Free” of, but just under a different name. Let’s take “sugar free” as an example. Majority of the time “sugar free” things will contain our old nemesis aspartame. And we know how I feel about aspartame. So what I am saying is, it doesn’t happen ALL the time, there is good stuff out there, just make sure you have a look first before you buy it.


That is all that comes to mind at this stage, I will keep you updated if I have anymore brain spasms in this department. Thank you for reading 🙂

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Selina Z

Pet peeve of mine, Ana – when well-meaning friend/relative holds up one of those ‘misrepresented’ products and says ‘But it’s ORGANIC’…!

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