SHINE….it’s like glitter for your soul!


So…..this is another shameless self promotional post! No, it isn’t. Well, it kinda is.

Recently I have had the honour and the privilege to be a part of a book project. Bit exciting for the little old me, at home with the kids all day every day to be able to do something like this.

Kathie Holmes from the Creative Ability Network has birthed a book called “Shine”.

This is how she describes it: “Living your passion isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are obstacles that we allow to get in the way or circumstances that throw up roadblocks. Shine is a combination of stories from 38 wonderful female entrepreneurs who have bared their souls and shared their stories of love, loss and life to inspire others. Get to know them, cry with them, love them and live through them when reading the pages of this book.”

Sometimes we do need to look outside for inspiration and motivation, sometimes when we are stuck and don’t know which way to go or are presented with an unfamiliar situation and you need perspective. This is what “Shine” does. It gives 38 different perspectives on things. And it helps, you know, it helps you find your own perspective when you are stuck.

Or if you are feeling down, it also helps to know that there are others who have been through the similar thing and it helps to know the different ways they were able to deal with it.

Sometimes, it just helps to know that there is someone out there who has been through a similar situation and it helps to know that you are NOT ALONE!

Actually, that reminds me of my cool meme:


So to be completely honest, I would love you to get a copy of this book. It’s available through Amazon as a paperback (this is the version I am getting because I like “real” books) or as Kindle version.

The paperback is $8.96 and Kindle is $0.96 EXCEPT, Kathie has put it on special for Valentine’s Day (it’s all the love), and it’s FREE on the Kindle thingee from  13th February  to 17th February.


amazon sale shine


So please get it, and if you like it, there will be, wait for it..a……SEQUEL!!! I KNOW!!!  I’m excited!!!

I was going to write a blog about Valentine’s Day but I am so glad I got to write this one instead 🙂 (trust me, you are glad too)

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