Modere Shower Gel

Another absolutely amazing product I am never without!

Firstly, because it is absolutely safe, of course 🙂

(no SLS, SLES or other nasties)

Secondly, because it is so versatile. I get a bottle, fill up all the hand soap pumps in the bathroom, fill up the kids’ body wash bottles in the bathroom (and mine). If I run out of shampoo, I use it. If I run out of dishwashing liquid, I use it. And I have been known to use it as laundry liquid as well…

Let’s face it, when you have as many kids as I do, you are bound to be disorganised at times and run out of stuff at times most unpredictable. But I have a peace of mind that if I always have my bottle of Modere Shower Gel, I should be “right”, lol!

Lastly, because it is such a gentle formula, it does not sting the eyes. This is particularly important for me because the twins hate it when I rinse their hair out. They think it is going to get into their eyes and sting or hurt. But they are always pleasantly surprised when it doesn’t. They get this confused look on their faces as if to say “hang on, I’m supposed to start crying but there is nothing to cry about, so what do I do now?” Ha ha!

Because it has such an awesome cleaning action, if you are a person who showers with their jewellery on, you will most likely find that your jewellery is always sparkling clean. And because you are not using commercial soap, there will be no residue on your shower screen. Less cleaning, another bonus!

If you would like to have a look at Modere Shower Gel for yourself, click here if you are in Australia or New Zealand . If you are anywhere else and would like to order it, please send me an email 🙂

Modere Shower Gel

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