My plan…..

Most often I get my very best ideas just as I am about to fall asleep at night. In the morning, sometimes they come back to me and sometimes not.

This time, it came back and I am running with it!

It has come to my realisation (new term, just made it up) that although I have been fortunate in my life to forge strong, lasting friendships that have indeed, lasted a lifetime (and you can read about those here), I have also been rather closed with my emotions deep inside. You know the old, well if I don’t give away too much of myself then there is less likelihood to be hurt or taken advantage of?

Well, approximately a couple of years ago, I had thrown this notion to the wind and started allowing myself and my inner control freak to let go and to not only give all my love but to also receive it. Trusting that “if something was not meant to be then that is perfectly okay but that I gave it all I had anyway”.

As a result, in this time, I have had so many beautiful, strong, and authentic women appear in my life and I feel truly blessed.

And as I was lying in bed last night, thinking about all this and how wonderful it is to be on the receiving end of this wonder, I thought about my dear daughter.

She had recently written a blog about her best friend and how much she appreciates having her in her life.

And I thought to myself, hey, that is what I will do. I will write a blog about each of these women and tell them how grateful I am that they are in my life. (please don’t tell anyone I am copying an eleven year old or I will just never be cool again)

So what is to follow is a “series of gratitude blogs”. I am a fan of this idea, so glad I didn’t forget it in my sleep, lol!

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Ana, what a beautiful idea….I hope you won’t mind if in the future I copy it? x

Meryl Orne-Gliemann

I love it – an ode to each precious friend. I love your style of blogging Ana 🙂


How beautiful Ana.


I am also a fan of this idea. Can’t wait to read them! X

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