These have been making the news recently and people have been at me to cover this topic. So here I go. (it’s going to be a short one)

They are BAD.

Firstly, we all know that we should exfoliate. But the extent that some people go to do this is more harmful than beneficial. Yes, your products are more easily absorbed by your skin if you exfoliate by taking the top layer of your skin off, mostly the dead cells and thus exposing the fresh cells. But if you take something as large as these microbead things and rub your skin with them, you are going to end up rubbing your skin raw, taking off more than just the one layer. You are stripping your skin of all the essential oils it produces to protect itself and leaving yourself vulnerable to some extra oily or extra dry skin. You confuse it, it doesn’t know which way to go, it’s faced with a state which is not natural.

And of course, you will find these microbeads mostly in products which contain other nasties as well, that you shouldn’t be using anyway. They are found in facial cleansers, moisturisers even some baby wipes.

Okay now let’s forget about you and talk about the environment. Microbeads are plastic. When you rinse your face off with water, the microbeads go down the drain. The water processing plants can’t identify them because of their weight and thus disguised they make their way into the water system.

If you have your own tank at home, they will end up in your soil and if you don’t, they will end up in our oceans.

Creatures live in our oceans and they end up consuming the microbeads which are plastic. It is NOT good for the animals or the plants. Enough of these nasty little suckers and soon you will find yourself eating fish filled with microbeads. Ah, the circle of life!

In conclusion, don’t do it. Because you love you and because you love our planet and all creatures great and small who reside upon it.



I only ever find the need to exfoliate my face and I use this product.

If you are wanting to exfoliate your body, I highly recommend dry skin brushing. 🙂

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