Little Innoscents

Today I would like to RAVE about Little Innoscents!!!!


A company started by a mum, – which makes and sells products for our children which are Australian Certified Organic and which list all the ingredients used on their website. Now that is something you don’t come across too often these days!

I have tried three of their products. Here they are:

Organic Baby Hair & Body Wash

bodywash-single LI

First of all, this smells so refreshing and heavenly, it has that mild smell of peppermint. Not minty like chewing gum or toothpaste or well, mint. But peppermint….oh, delish….

Secondly, because it is low on suds (because there is no SLS or SLES), when you wash your little darling’s hair and have to rinse it out, they don’t even notice. No tears, no tantrums, just happy times…

Thirdly, your children will smell divine for ages, even after rolling in the dirt (I have tested this personally with my children).

Fourthly, if your child has hair like this

Phoenix Hair

You will find it easy to comb their hair out after a shower/bath, without having to use conditioner or detangling sprays.


Organic Baby Intensive Soothing Cream


Well, I used this on the twinsh bums, like a nappy cream. They don’t really get nappy rash but on hot days, sometimes they get a bit red around their legs where the nappy rubs on their skin. A tiny amount of this balm and all gone by the next nappy change!

Also, deliciously yummy smelling.


Organic Moisturising Lotion


Okay, so I am going to have to be honest here. After I spread this lotion all over the babies after their bath, I kept getting a whiff of the smell every time my hands moved (cause it was on my hands). Then I, ahem, decided that the babies don’t need moisturising ALL the time and I sneaked the tube into my bathroom.

So, yeah, I used it after every shower and it was just divine. It is not absorbed on contact, so you need to give yourself a bit of a massage to rub it in, but then your skin stays soft and smelling lovely all day 🙂


Another great thing about this company is that they also have baby powder which is safe (because we do NOT like talc) as well as safe sunscreen for the little ones (and you).

They also like to keep their consumers aware of the nasty things out there through their FAQ page and they support a number of charities.

Little Innoscents also have a blog which keeps you up to date.

As well as being able to order their products over the internet, you can also find them through stores and distributors in Australia. There is a flat shipping rate of $6 and for orders over $40, the shipping is FREE.

Please check them out, they are an excellent example of a company which cares on ALL levels 🙂

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