Glass Slippers


So….funny thing about them glass slippers, they never lost their magic.

The beautiful gown turned back into rags, the coach back into the pumpkin but not the glass slippers…and funnily enough, all at the stroke of midnight. Bit like New Year’s.

For the past fortnight I have read a LOT of posts and blogs about people and their New Year’s resolutions and how 2013 was great or sucked and how 2014 is just going to be the best year ever. And that’s really neat for them.

On the other hand, I cannot relate on any level.

So, call me the Grinch of the New Year, if you like, but how does the clock striking midnight on a particular date change anything?

Should we not have dreams and aspirations ALL THE TIME? Should we not reassess our lives and be grateful and practice kindness ALL THE TIME? Should we not be true to ourselves ALL THE TIME? A bit like the glass slippers? They didn’t change into something else at midnight but they managed to bring about a very special kind of magic by being who they are. The fairy tale ending, none the less.

In the same way, whether you choose to start a change in your life on the 9th of June or the 1st of January, it is irrelevant. As long as you are being the best human being you can be and you are following your heart, it is something which is lived every day and not defined by a calendar.

I am not going to say that I am not a sucker for the New Year’s celebration. Since the age of seven I have stayed up until midnight when the champagne cork would pop and there would be a toast and a sip (can’t do more than a sip, I hate the stuff). When I was little, it would be a time when we were allowed to open our presents (a bit like Christmas here) but as I got older it was just the ritual. I don’t know why, it’s just what I do.

Also, as I have gotten older, I have stopped the New Year’s resolutions and I am fully aware that it is just another day. I know that my beautiful gown will NOT turn into rags and sure as anything I am holding onto those glass slippers! And those glass slippers (i.e. the essence of who I am) will take me to my fairytale ending, whatever I choose that to be.

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You are absolutely correct! Love the Glass Slipper connection.


Love it!! Maybe it’s the first stepping stone in the awareness creation process that we can create the life we want, but it has been hijacked by the masses & now has the failure expectation mentality attached to it.

Hold on to those glass slippers – which I imagine to be not just clear glass, but spectacular, multi-coloured, bedazzled beauties xxx


Agreed, Ana!! I always like the “I’m going to start the (whatever) Monday…” why not start tomorrow? Or even now? You’ve made the decision, and yes, the ritual, the buildup and the anticipation is a powerful thing… but you’re making decisions that affect your life all the time. Why wait to implement them? Finding out you have heart disease and vowing to start the diet Monday (unless that’s tomorrow) is a bit like saying “oh look, there’s a stop sign, I’ll stop there on Monday”.

Or “I’ve got a brilliant idea and it’s going to make me so happy, but I won’t start doing the thing that will make me happy for another five days”

    Ana Hall

    So, what you are saying is that it is some kind of justifiable procrastination? I haven’t looked at it that way before, but I do see what you are saying…thank you for the new perspective 🙂 x

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