Eating corn on the cob whilst standing on top of the table is fun

I am going to tell you why.

Look, eleven years on and I’m still trying to get used to this whole motherhood gig.  Sometimes I really suck at it and sometimes I rock, if I say so myself.

At the start of my journey as a mother, I read about a gazillion books on the subject of children, like where they come from, why, what you are meant to do with them once they are here and how to make them obey you (lol) and general stuff like that.

Then I realised the reason there is so much literature out there is because there is no such thing as “one fits all” approach. Every child is different, every mother is different and the relationship between each mother and child is different. Essentially, you’d have to write a personalised manual per child. So when I came to that realisation I totally stopped reading and listening to things and people who gave me parenting advice. Except the Supernanny. I really love Supernanny.

See with small children, it is easier to train them to put their empty plate into the sink then it is to stop them from opening the cutlery drawer and playing with sharp knives. You can’t EXPLAIN things to them on a rational level because they can’t reason until they are older. So, instead you just move the sharp knives, right? Took me aaages to figure that one out!

This is not to say that people have stopped giving me advice. Oh no, each person knows best, of course. And as much I appreciate the “good intentions”, I would rather take advice if I actually asked you for it, thanks a bunch, though.

Me, I’m figuring this thing out as I go. Trial and error. Main thing is that they all survive, right?

Lets be honest, I have four of these small creatures I am never going to get it right, but if they are alive, healthy, happy and relatively smart and have kind hearts, then I have done my job. Well, that is what I think and this is my blog so I must be right. 🙂

So, while I’m busy figuring this thing out and say I have one of “those” mornings, where the twins are having breakfast like this:

Phoenix weetbixWilliam weetbix

and the other two missed the school bus cause they were running late because one of their shoes was in the sand pit, and in the search for the shoe the house got turned upside down and upon completion of school drop off, and the feeding frenzy and the nappy changing and the lunch making and the signing of million pieces of paper from the school and blabla blab la bla…. And if in the middle of this I chose to sit down and have a rest and a coffee instead jumping to the clean up straight away and you come over to my house at that very moment, I urge you not to judge me as a bad mother or a lazy individual. Because I am neither. And how dare you?

This motherhood has been a learning experience on both sides, I feel. My kids have taught me a lot.

For example:

1)      Climbing inside box-like things is fun

Phoenix and William in Plastic Storage BoxBoys in laundry basketsPhoenix and William in kitchen drawer

2)      Climbing on the table and doing my paperwork is fun

Phoenix and William on the table

3)      Climbing on the table and annihilating my pot plant is fun

Phoenix and William on the table destroying pot plant

4)      Eating corn on the cob while standing on the table is fun

Eating corn on the table

5)      Mopping the floor can be turned into a team activity. Which is fun

Boys mopping

6)      Letting Madison give Rahn a haircut while I’m giving the babies a bath results in Rahn having no hair

Madi gives Rahn a haircut

7)      Letting Madison and Rahn facepaint my face results in a creation they like to call “Rainbow Unicorn Poop”

Rainbow Unicorn Poop

8)      Playing with a rake is fun

Phoenix and Rake

9)      Getting into the dog bed, with the dog, and playing with a ball is fun

William in Bella's Bed

10)    Sneaking a dog into bed with you so that mum has a heart attack when she comes to tuck you in is fun

Rahn and Rexy

 And you know what? They are all alive, they are happy, they are healthy, they are funny and they have hearts of gold. And at the end of these “fun filled days” (that most certainly require copious amounts of clean up), I get to look at this……

Madi and Rahn sleepingTwins asleep together

And it’s all worth it, and tomorrow is another day and another adventure 🙂

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Tash Majenta

When I read about you moving the knives because it only took you forever to realise this was easier, I thought of the rope we had around the fridge for about a whole year due to my son gorging himself on devon loaf. I could have just stopped buying it. Dah!

Ana Hall

Lol, Sharon! The stern disciplinarian routine didn’t work out to well, so I figure if you can’t beat them, join them! Ha ha

Sharon Tregoning

You sound like such a cool Mum!! xxx

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