Dishwashing Powder

Today I would like to talk about dirty dishes.

We all have them. None of us like them. So what do we do? We “wash” them. The question is, after we wash them with that perfectly marketed dishwashing liquid or powder, are they really clean???

No, I haven’t lost the plot, stay with me.

There are a number of issues I have with your off the shelf-supermarket-marketed to death-kind of dishwashing ware.

Let’s start at the beginning.

There are FOUR ingredients commonly found in dishwashing products: phosphate, chlorine, lye and bleach. Each of them harmful in their own special way. Here they are in a nutshell (if you want more info on any of them, let me know):

Phosphate – burns and dries out skin

Chlorine  – poisonous and irritating odour which can trigger asthma attacks etc

Lye or Caustic Soda – corrosive and dries out skin. I can vouch for this first hand. One day, I accidentally spilled ONE DROP on my leg. Before I had a chance to rinse it off, it had burned through my skin and my flesh. This was over three months ago and the wound is still trying to heal.

Bleach – poisonous and has an irritating odour

Issue # 1

When the dishwasher “cleans” your dishes with this concoction and “rinses” them, where does the water go? If you are on gray water, it goes to your garden. Everyone else, it goes into our waterways. Phosphorus alone can kill lakes. Nevermind that, what about the other three, the creatures living in the water are ingesting it. Will they die? Will they mutate? Will anyone realise before you eat one of them?

Issue # 2

Your trusty dishwasher does NOT clean all of the powder residue off your dishes. Have you ever gone to have a drink of water from your freshly washed glass and as you were doing so, smelled the dishwashing powder on it? Have you gone to put away your freshly washed dishes and felt a slight slimy residue on them? You DRINK and EAT off those dishes! So do your kids and all of your loved ones! You are inadvertently ingesting poison 🙂

Issue # 3

Child safety. Many of us may remember a young boy called Harrison Clark from Brisbane. He got hold of the dishwashing powder. His mother found him in the kitchen, covered in powder, bleeding, vomiting and screaming. The dishwashing powder burned Harrison’s throat and he is damaged for the rest of his life. This stuff is CAUSTIC, it BURNS!!!

So now they are introducing “child safe” lids for the bottles and saying you should lock your cupboard etc.  All fair enough, BUT why would we knowingly use something that we KNOW is so DANGEROUS????? Why????

Recently, I was doing a product review for one of the well known brands of dishwashing powder. They have it in a tablet with a red ball in the middle and cool looking green gel on one side of it. I had them in a locked cupboard in the kitchen. I caught my twins trying to open and eat them because they thought it was lollies!!! The blood froze in my veins.

I am NOT going to tell you the scary statistics, you can look those up yourself if you need a good fright.

So here are some of the places that stock alternatives which are safe. And you should check them out or search for other ones or whatever takes your fancy, just please address this issue!

And the only one I can personally vouch for, because it is the one I use is this one.

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Great post Ana and plain simple and open advice on the horrors of what we wash our dishes in. Thanks for the reminder… cheers Di


I confess, I sometimes get really scared to read your blogs because I know that they will have an impact, but then that’s exactly why I need to read them. Thank you, I think 😉 xxx

    Ana Hall

    Sharon, I am mostly scared before I research and write my blogs because I know that once I do, my life is going to change, lol!

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