Death of a Goldfish

Yes, there are times throughout parenthood when you have to deal with situations that nothing has prepared you for. A first time occurrence not covered on any page of any parent self help instruction manual book.

And so was the loss of the gold fish…

First there were Percy and Petula, happily swimming around. Two months later, Percy was floating belly up from what can only be described as natural causes.

Percy received a beautiful funeral, held at sunset, attended by myself, Madison and her close friend. Tears were shed, kind words were spoken, the grave covered with rocks and flowers and enough photographic evidence to use up the memory on my phone…

Petula seemed quite happy being the only fish in the fishbowl, but Madison decided she was lonely, so another trip to the pet store ensued. This time we got Piscies.

Piscies was pretty cool because he could swim backwards.

Piscies did not last even a week. This time, I suspect the cause of death to be lack of attention by the carer and an extremely filthy fishbowl water.

Again, Petula was thriving. She even tripled in size.

Piscies did not receive a funeral. He was waiting for it in a cup. When he started decomposing I stuck him in the freezer. He is still waiting.

Then we got Faith. Faith was pretty cool. She was kinda blue with leopard spots. Faith’s swimming was something I can only describe as “fart in a bottle”. This fish could GO and do it fast!

Then there was a bit of an “accident”.

Phoenix, who is two years old and very cute, went into Madison’s bedroom, climbed up on the chair and somehow retrieved the speedy Faith. He then proceeded to bring her to me, really happy with himself and stuff. Just beaming, really….

There was an, what can only be described as, EXPLOSION from Madison, with the tears and the sounds and the screaming….

Always quick to react (ha ha ha), I grabbed the poor fish and chucked him in a cup of water while I tended to the poor girl child….

When she began breathing again, she looked at Faith and said: oh look mum, she’s moving. Alas, Faith’s fate was sealed as she was only left with the one fin.

The poor dear tried to battle for its life; we put food in there, transferred her to a bowl, put Petula in with her in hope that somehow she would help….But no. Madison sat watching Faith until she, following in Percy and Piscies’ footsteps (I don’t know the correct word for fish here), also went belly up.

This time, I didn’t wait for the smelly decomposing stage, I shoved her in the freezer straight away. Next to Piscies.

So now, we shall have a double funeral, at some stage….hopefully before dad mistakes them for bait next time he goes fishing…

Petula remains. Happy and fat, the only fish in the fish bowl.

I cannot help but wonder though, was it really natural causes, or is Petula the silent perpetrator?



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