Hello and welcome to my new “product review” section  🙂

Recently I have come across a couple few things that I thought to myself “Oh, my giddy aunt! This is SOOOO cool, I have to tell everyone!!!” So, I would tell everyone I spoke to, but then I thought, perhaps I can tell you as well?  🙂

As a result, I have created this “product review” category, so when I come across really cool things I can share them with you.

Couple of days before Christmas, I received a parcel in the mail from a gorgeous and generous friend of mine. I opened it and this was inside it:

Of course, I was very grateful to have received a present but having never smelled it, I didn’t know what to expect.

I screwed open the lid, I brought up the bottle to my nose, I sniffed….. OMG!!!!! It was AMAZING!!!! I don’t know how to describe scent. It was like tutti fruti chewing gum from when I was a child, coupled with things that were like sandalwood and jasmine…oh, you are meant to roll it onto your pulse points but I just rolled that stuff all over me! I wanted to fill a pool and swim in it!


Then Madison came along, she’s 10, and spotted the bottle. Without asking, of course, she took it and had a sniff. And then proceeded to roll it on everywhere too. Now sometimes, I will catch a whiff of her as she walks past me and I know she has been in my bathroom, sneakily using it again. Her birthday is coming up, so she’s lucky.

Last week, I caught up with a couple of friends, and I was like “I have something to show you” and they were like, “oh, yeah…” then they would smell it and their eyes would go wide and they would go: WOW!

Anyway, all this commotion made me look it up. It has a beautiful story behind it. A lady from Japan had a sister who was studying to be a nurse but she passed away from breast cancer, so this lady created it for her sister. You can read the full story here.

The bonus is that this particular perfume is SAFE for you! I don’t think it gets much better, yummy smelling AND safe! When you read my article on perfume, you will understand what I mean.

Meanwhile, if you are wanting to check this perfume out, you can go to a Perfect Potion shop in person or you can visit them online


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