Beautiful You

So, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that most of us have some kind of body issues.

You feel overweight and if only you could shift a few kilos life would be so much better? You have a scar and you don’t feel comfortable wearing certain clothing because it shows? You can’t wear short shorts or a singlet because you have cellulite or bye bye flab? Etc etc I could go on for a few pages here.

But I won’t, cause I’m guessing you got my point by now.

And for this we blame media, our parents, our friends, or family or whoever it was that made that first negative comment which started it all.

The media has already started exposing how unrealistic images are due to photo shop and all kinds of tricks used in the trade. But it’s still not getting through to us that those pictures we see, they are NOT REAL people!

Even if we take the media out of it.

There is that “well intentioned” comment made by aunty Bob “perhaps you shouldn’t have that last bit of cake, dear”. And that one from your sister “perhaps try on a different top?”  etc etc etc

And I know I have had a lifelong struggle with accepting my body. From an early age. And it didn’t matter if I was overweight or skinny, there was always SOMETHING. Something to be conscious of, something to hide, something to make me feel uncomfortable.

But it was not until I learned to love myself WITHIN that I realised, hang on, I no longer really care about wearing my short shorts and if its going to show off my cellulite dimples. I do not care if my bye bye flab is flapping in the breeze. I am grateful for the breeze.

I do not care that I no longer have boobies. It is not the boobies that make me look and feel sexy. I can still be sexy. It’s an attitude.

Neither do I care if I have pimples. If I really want to, I can cover them with make up, but I really couldn’t care less. And if I don’t care then why should anyone else? And if someone else does care then that is their issue, certainly not mine.

Please do not get me wrong here. I still try to wear clothes which are matching and good looking but only because I like it when I look in the mirror. I NEVER dress for anyone else other than myself.

Thus, if I feel like wearing a tiara to the shopping mall, I will. If I want to dress up in a ball gown to go to the movies, I will. If I don’t feel like wearing a bra today, I won’t. Yes, I have also gone to the corner shop in my pyjamas. Bite me.

It’s all about being comfortable with WHO you are. Once that happens, you are comfortable with what you LOOK like. If your body is healthy then you have SO MUCH to be grateful for! Please understand that. Our bodies are such intricate machines that in our day to day lives we don’t often stop to appreciate that. The ability to breathe, to pump blood, to digest food and drink, to fight off infections, to create LIFE……

These are some of the reasons you need to love your body, to thank your body, to cherish it. To not stand in front of the mirror and CRITICISE it!!! Would you go around saying, oh if only my blood was a shade darker…..oh and the size of my spleen is really all wrong, my brain has too many wrinkles…. are you KIDDING me????

Recognise that your body is a shell which you will one day leave. Respect it, don’t abuse it. Be ever so GRATEFUL for it and that it has been given to you.

Understand that when you leave your body behind, people will not say “she was a fat cow, her eyes were the wrong colour for her complexion and she had way too many grey hairs for her age”. People will not need to SAY anything because they will FEEL the absence of the beautiful person who was once in their lives.

I want you to love you. I want you to raise your children to love themselves. I want you to be an example to your children, your friends, your family, that it is the imperfections which make us whole, that it is okay to be who you are and to be loved for it, and I want you to say NO to anything that is remotely superficial.

Most importantly, you need to stop comparing yourself to others. Because there has never been and there will NEVER be another you.

You are beautiful xxxxxxx


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Alison Laverty

What a great post Ana, thank you for sharing. Totally agree that we have to look within to see our true self and accept the person, we were born to be. Otherwise, we would only be chasing an illusion of what we want to be. xx


A beautiful post and soooo well expressed Ana. Refreshing open and honest I loved it.Cheers Di xx

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