Although aluminium is only one of the many harmful ingredients found in deodorants, it is also present in other places like foods and vaccinations.

It is a highly dangerous substance and I would really like you to take this one seriously.

In antiperspirant deodorants, aluminium plugs your sweat pores temporarily so: no sweat-no stink.

Couple of things wrong here. Firstly, if you recall in my article “Love affair with your skin” I talked about your skin being the largest organ on your body and absorbing everything and the cumulative effect of anything you put on your skin.

The other thing is that our bodies are pretty smart. There is a good reason we sweat. Our body is getting rid of toxins through the sweat but it also helps to maintain our temperature.

The reason sweat “smells bad” is not because the sweat smells bad. It is the bacteria on your skin. When the sweat comes into contact with the bacteria on your skin, that is what causes the smell.

So by using antiperspirant you are not allowing your body to do it’s job. I am not saying you should walk around with unpleasant body odour as there are alternatives which are safe, so please check them out.

Another couple of reasons antiperspirant is not your friend, is because of the aluminium. Aluminium can cause things like Alzheimers disease, Parkinson’s disease, kidney failure, but most commonly breast cancer. My research informs me that one in eight women get breast cancer.

You think you are safe because you are a man? Think again. Men can get breast cancer too. Yep. Not as common (about one in a thousand) but sure happens.

Exposure to aluminium has been found to have a migratory effect on the human breast cells and this is important because deaths from breast cancer are not from the original tumour found in the breast tissue but from the spreading of this tumour, the “migration”.

Aluminium chloride has estrogen like properties and estrogen promotes the growth of breast cancer tissue.

Here is another little point. Antiperspirants now come with a lock on the lid, just like dangerous drugs or dangerous chemicals. You know, because spraying it around is HARMFUL!!!!

I am going to leave the aluminium in food for next time. I have found researching this topic quite upsetting. Main reason being that aluminium is found in children’s formula, children’s snacks and food colourings. But as I said, more about that next time.

For now, please check your deodorants and if one of the ingredients is aluminium I urge you to throw it out. Please.

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