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This week, I am so proud to bring you an article by our lovely guest, Zoe Swain. She REALLY knows her stuff and I would strongly encourage you to take on board what she has to say. You can read more about Zoe and what she does at the end of the article. Enjoy! 🙂


If you were to ask me what the keys to staying young, vibrant, disease-free, and happy were, I would give you the following outline:


  1. Alkalinize your diet and stop cooking your food. (Cooking foods above 40degC kills the nutrients and enzymes in our food, and enzymes are THE most important player when it comes to health.)
  2. Drink healthy water (un-fluoridated/chlorinated) spring/filtered water
  3. Get lots of negative ions (these are in the air we breathe outside)
  4. Exercise daily (in order to pump the lymph, and increase negative ions)
  5. Get adequate minerals into your cells


This article I am writing is going to focus on #5 – getting enough minerals into your cells (and also making sure #2 is covered also – hydration).


Firstly, let’s cover #2.  How much water are you drinking, and what is the QUALITY of the water???  Yes, quality.  Is your water filtered/spring/chlorinated/fluoridated??


Fluoridation is proven to actually draw calcium and other minerals OUT of your body, so if you are on town water that is treated, be sure to get yourself a great filter that will take away the fluoride and chlorine and other baddies.

With regards to quantity of water; you should daily be drinking around 2L ’minimum’ for ladies of any size, and 2.5L/3L for men.  I don’t know of a single person who can say they drink ‘too much’ water in the day, and I know most people struggle with getting a lot of water into their systems.  I will also go as far as to say that if we ALL drank enough water our medical system would be possibly very close to non-existent.


Dehydration leads to cell death; i.e. the more our bodies are starved for water, the greater the number of cells that die… The more cells that die, the more likely you are to attract disease, and of course early death.

Imagine if I told you that a cure to so much of your ill-health is FREE and comes right from the sky above us??  (There, I said it!)

Are you taking advantage of your FREE healthcare??


Now, getting onto #5…

It is a fact that dehydration still can occur even when you are drinking plenty (and more) of water.  WHAAAAAT??  Yes, many people who are drinking a lot of water are still suffering all of the signs of dehydration, and this is due to the fact that the water is not making it into their cells.  Confused yet?


Let me explain a little more….

Cells require water in order to function correctly.  Also, it is the trace minerals found in Himalayan salt/sea salt that actually pull water into your cells.  So, this means that in order for us to be hydrated and have water making it into our cells, we need the trace minerals that are found in Himalayan or sea salt.  Comprendé??


Minerals, and hence water, getting into cells creates an alkaline pH and maximum cell volume, at the same time as providing enzyme co-factors necessary to activate each enzyme.  Without this going on, our enzyme can deplete, and enzyme depletion is directly related to decreased DNA function (yes, we can rewrite our DNA makeup through our diet and mental wellbeing choices) and decreased life span.


Now, another thing you will want to know (especially all of you gorgeous women creatures) is that all hormone function is electrical, and (the correct type of) salt in the body means that the ‘software’ of the systems of the body can communicate and interact properly.  Simply put, without salts, our hormones go crazy!  Are you starting to get the picture?


Now, I did mention above that Himalayan or sea salt is best, and I will explain this really simply.  Table salt has a chemical agent in it called ‘anti-caking agent’ (so it pours easily and doesn’t clump together) and is more highly processed than natural sea salts, so the trace minerals are lost from it.  Sea/Himalayan salt still has the trace minerals in tact, and you can get the required amounts of sodium and potassium needed for optimum health (very little) from these salts.

Most people on a regular ol’ processed, meat and dairy diet are getting waaaaay too much sodium and not enough potassium on a daily basis.  This once again, funnily enough, leads to dehydration of the cells, premature aging, clogged arteries, and much more.


Sodium levels need to be kept under 1500mg/day (no more than ¾ teaspoon, daily), and potassium levels need to be around 4500mg/day for an average adult.  Potassium is in traces in natural salt, but mostly we should be able to get it from the foods we eat.  For instance, a medium potato yields over 1000mg of potassium, and a medium sized banana yields around 500mg.  In my own personal diet, I would have the recommended amount of potassium in my daily diet before the afternoon each day.   I eat 10-15 bananas a day, as well as a huge array of other fruits and veg that are mega rich in potassium.



If you eat any foods like potato chips/crisps (from a bag), takeaway meals, packaged food, salted meat cuts, then there is a high chance you are going over your daily maximum safe level of sodium already.  It is a step in the right direction to cut out the packaged foods and takeaway so that you can cut back your sodium levels (and of course fats and sugars that are packed into those things).  For me, I probably only bring in around 500mg of sodium per day as I eat a vegan diet which is mostly raw, and I don’t indulge in processed foods if I can avoid it (which mostly I can).


For those of us who are not getting enough potassium in their diet (not enough fruits and veg), and who are also getting possibly too much sodium, here are some healthy tips.


  1. cut out junk/takeaway/processed foods – period.  Foods that have ingredients in them that you cannot read – or don’t know what they may be derived from – are a no go (if you want health in your life).
  2. 2.                   Keep an eye on labels – if your chocolate bar/sandwich/juice has a sodium content of more than 500mg/100gm then you don’t want it.  Just think ‘salty shit-storm’/clogged up arteries/dry bowel movements!! Oh the joys!
  3. If you don’t eat salt at all or work out a lot, or you are an athlete (or even just sweat a fair amount), then you will want to supplement your potassium/sodium levels with trace minerals and/or natural salts.  This might mean a ¼ tsp of natural salt in your 1L bottle of water before lunch, and again after lunch.

I personally find (as do my clients and other nutritionist gurus that I work with on a regular basis) that when I have this ¼ tsp in my water, my strength in training goes up exponentially, my heart rate recovers to normal a lot quicker than anyone around me at a similar fitness level, and recovery time is cut in quarters.  With a teeny bit of natural salt (sodium and potassium) in our bodies, we are able to have MEGA boosts in our power, strength, and endurance.  How utterly wonderful!!  Oh and don’t forget the hormone function benefits too!



In reflection of everything I have written above, a pinch of Himalayan or sea salt and 10 trace mineral drops in a liter of water a day will help to alkalinize your body, ‘electrify’ your cells and of course, provide optimum hydration levels for enzyme function.


Oh and don’t forget that it is best to drink water ‘away’ from meal times.  Drinking at meal times will make it harder for your stomach acids to break down foods, and lead to disadvantaged digestion.


If you would like more information on the above or just want to check out the benefits of eating Raw, head on over to www.RawSkinny.com.au and grab some FREE recipes, tips and goodies


Raw Skinny

Zoe Swain is a country girl, born and bred.  She was born in Townsville, North Queensland and was raised on cattle and sheep grazing properties in Northern and Far Northern QLD. 


Between finishing year 12 and commencing University studies, she travelled to the USA, and from that year onwards, she embraced vegetarianism, against all wishes of her family and friends.  Since then, she has always ‘looked into’ health, and searched for different ways of ‘finding’ health for herself, via food and exercise. 


Having been brought up on cattle and sheep stations, she has always been a horse rider, and this led her to winning many Australian championships in her sport, as well as having the opportunity to compete on the World stage in 2009, and winning.  She nowadays has 9 horses and still competes throughout the year, but a lot of her time is taken up with her two kids, and her coaching.  She has always loved sport, and went on to running her first half-marathon in December last year at ‘The Entrance” in NSW. 


These days she lives on a property at Gunnedah, NSW, with her husband and two children 6, and 3, and life is very different.  She is nowadays a Raw Food Coach, after having found Raw Food via a friend of hers in New Zealand who had been ‘into’ it for some years.   Zoe’s son suffered very bad asthma when he was young, and this was also an instrumental part of her decision to move towards a much more natural lifestyle, embracing Raw Foods.


In business, Zoe specializes in helping women by simplifying their lifestyle via the food they eat, increasing their happiness, losing weight, increasing energy, and gaining the life they have always wanted (without creating more work in the kitchen).    She is the founder of the ‘Raw Skinny’ brand, and has helped many women, via her program, with curing diseases, losing incredible amounts of weight, and in general totally turning their lives around. 


Zoe loves to run, bike, ride horses and do yoga at any opportunity, but she also knows that via the wonderful powers of raw food, you don’t need to exercise much in order to have optimum health and stay youthful and happy.







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