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Sample Pack


Some of you may remember when I got my bottle of Connection in the mail and I got Oh, SO excited!!!

Well, that lovely feeling has happened again!

In the mail, I received some goodies from the Clear Conscience Soap Company:

  • Solid Beer Shampoo – adds volume
Solid Beer Shampoo

Hair Volumising Shampoo Bar

  • Thick and Fast Conditioner – thickens hair and makes it grow twice as fast

Volumising Conditioner

  • Lavander and Shea Butter Soap – moisturising and relaxing
Lavander Soap

Yummy Lavander Moisturising Soap

  • Dead Sea Mud Soap – anti aging
Dead Sea Mud Soap

Anti aging dead sea mud soap

Well. In the space of less than 24 hours, I had SIX showers just so that I could use these again!

They are just such wonderful and lush products. I have never used a solid shampoo before, it’s like a bar of soap and then you rub it into your hair, and it lathers up just like a shampoo.

It is a bit different to the usual shampoo because it gives you that John Travolta Grease look to begin with. But you must not freak out. This is why. Your scalp is used to the oils being stripped from your hair every time you wash your hair, so it keeps producing the oils as it expects a stripping with each wash. Because the Clear Conscience shampoos are natural and respect your body, they do NOT strip your scalp of the oils. So at first, the scalp will be a bit confused and keep producing the oils until it realises that hey, I don’t need to be doing this anymore and it settles down. So just be patient with a first few washes until the balance occurs.

This can be likened to starving. You know how when you don’t eat, your body goes into starvation mode” and holds onto as much fat as it can so you don’t die? But if you eat regular small amounts your metabolism increases? Same principle.

Anyway, after a few of my showers, I was outside playing with the children and the dogs and I kept getting this whiff of cinnamon. It had me stumped because I was not baking, the kids never smell that good and let’s not even bring the dogs into it. Then I realised, it was my HAIR! I ran to the bathroom and looked at the conditioner ingredients and sure enough, there is cinnamon. Love it!

Speaking of ingredients, you will find that each single product contains a list of ingredients and they are all so SAFE and they smell so very divine (I actually had to hide them from Madison, my daughter, because I knew she’d want some and I just did not feel like sharing).

Although Clear Conscience Soap Company has “soap” in its name, they actually make so much more than just soap.

Their range includes: shampoo, conditioner, acne treatment, baby soap, soap for pets, bath bombs, face scrubs and massage bars.

One of the things I love most about this company is their philosophy:

We make sustainable soap

We use only the bare essentials to create our soap bases – meaning no unnecessary chemicals. We use recyclable and biodegradable packaging, and we plant a tree on National Tree Day for every order you make. We strive to make the most natural cleansers in the universe!

We believe in animal rights

Our products (including the ingredients we use) are not tested on animals. We use sustainable palm oil, to protect the Indonesian rainforests and wildlife. We don’t always use fragrances, but when we do, we make sure they are cruelty free!

We are herbal remedy experts

We’re obsessed with herbal remedies and fascinated by natural skin treatments. Why make chemicals, when we can borrow them from nature? We’ve collected centuries worth of tried and tested herbal remedies for you to add to your skin care routines.”

And they also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy and on top of that, they have just introduced $5 shipping in Australia and $15 on international shipping.

You can place an order online at or you can check them out in person at the following places:


Sunshine Coast: Casa Bella Home Decor, Shop 9 Mary Street, Gympie

Ipswich: Trevallan Lifestyle Centre, 77 Fernvale Road, Brassall

I need you to know that I am not being paid to tell you this, no one can buy me or my opinion. I will only ever tell you about things I am truly passionate about and believe in and support. This is one of those things.

I encourage you to take a look for yourself at and if you have any questions or concerns then please either contact them or myself, they are always happy to answer questions.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for caring about using safe products on your and your children’s skin 🙂



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Thanks for your review on Clear Conscience. I’m currently using the thick and fast shampoo/conditioner and am becoming a bit frustrated with the oily stage. Do you haves rough estimate on how long that stage lasted for you before you hair returned to normal? My hair has been embarrassingly greasy and some days I want to just switch to store bought stuff just so I can get a break. If you can tell me how long the oily stage lasted that would be fantastic 🙂 any tips are welcome too.

    Ana Hall

    Hi Tamara!

    Thanks for your comment 🙂

    I am just unclear as to whether you are using the shampoo as well as the conditioner? It’s generally the shampoo which causes the hair to become oily at first.
    Mine was oily for just under a week.

    One of the ways to minimise the “Grease” look is to get 1/2C of vinegar and mix it with 1C water. Then rinse your hair with it. This should dissolve some of the oil build up.

    If you are on a journey to healthy hair and healthy body then a bit of greasiness at the start is a small price to pay for long term benefits.

    However, if you are still not happy with the products you are using please keep in mind that Clear Conscience Soap Company do have a money back guarantee, so you can always take that option as well 🙂

    Thanks again 🙂



      Thanks for your response!
      Yes im using the shampoo then after shampooing, I use the conditioner as well. Ive tried blow drying my hair after a shower and it worked once, everything after that my hair was still super oily it looked wet.
      I’ll try your vinegar solution tip, thanks for the help 🙂


I love that you love Clear Conscience, and thanks for talking about the dreaded Travolta Grease look 🙂

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