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 "Ingredients to Avoid" 

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Hi, I'm Ana Hall and my passion is helping people to Live Clean and be happy.  I achieve this by providing information about ingredients found in every day food and every day products, which may be potentially harmful.

The things that we eat and absorb and the things our children eat and absorb, play a major part in ours and our children's health; and we all have the right to be healthy and happy. This can be achieved through the choices we make every day, sometimes without even being aware of doing so.

I will also help you by providing you with alternative, healthy and safe options.  This way you have information and knowledge to make the right choices as a consumer.

The Wallet Guide is a great tool to have with you to refer to, when you are out shopping​.

The eBooks are handy summaries of the top 5 "offenders" (dubious ingredients) found in products and foods, which you can use to refer to as needed.

The eCourses which are COMING SOON are designed to teach you how to be aware of the shady ingredients out there, how to recognise them, how to check them out if you are unsure. The courses will arm you with the tools you need to Live Clean and be happy.

The one on one coaching sessions are also available, where we go through your bathroom/kitchen together, see what we are dealing with and make a plan of attack on how to get you on track to Living Clean in no time and without spending a fortune!​

Let's become more aware and build the knowledge, because information is the key and the choice is YOURS!​

I love reading Ana's blog. Her information is always so well researched that I know I can trust it without having to look further and she finds and tests some of the most amazing products so I know I can buy them with confidence. Kathie Holmes, Author

Kathie Holmes

Download my free printable Wallet Guide

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 "Ingredients to Avoid"

Download my free printable Wallet Guide